When I am needy

When I am needy, You give me When I am alone, You are my friend You remind me by the ones who loved you until the end Their life comforts me Their zeal encourages me They help me see that You are real You are the most real of anything My Jesus and my Lord... Continue Reading →


Sad songs make me cry

A song is all I have now A mirage of tears Tears fall down my face So dry; so endless The people see one thing Reality is another thing A song gives me a way To wipe away the tears Oh, just a song Why so? Because sad songs make me cry


Inside a prison I left my person. I turn and turn Like a speck inside an urn. Walls close in. A hallow so loud with sin. Where is my hope? How am I meant to cope? +++ M.G.


Cold as snow We all seem to grow How low? Can our world go? How flaky? How shaky? Will our character become? We all reach high and low. Don't we know, it's all gonna go? You run after this and after that. Good for you. It will all go splat! With age, we will all... Continue Reading →

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