Don’t you forget! Don’t you despair!

With tears full of pain and grief I stand at the feet of Christ on the Cross I cry and lament my miserable self Too much pain in the world Too much sickness and sorrow Who will win this impossible race? Those who believe until the last day But how can we, those who are... Continue Reading →


Samia the Confessor

I am reposting this translation with a new link to the video interview. --- English transcript of an interview with one of the survivors of the shooting that occurred on May 26, 2017 in Minya, Egypt against the Coptic Christians. Samia lost most of her family and she continues to reflect the light of Christ, confessing... Continue Reading →

“…when God is absent…”

"The day when God is absent, when He is silent--that is the beginning of prayer. Not when we have a lot to say, but when we say to God 'I can't live without You, why are You so cruel, so silent?' This knowledge that we must find or die--that makes us break through to the... Continue Reading →

26 May ’17 – Pilgrimage Interrupted

26 May 2017 - Friday morning was when I saw the "Breaking News" about the attack that occurred in Egypt's south by gunmen. Coptic Christians were on their way today to visit the Monastery of Saint Samuel the Confessor. It seems that they were stopped, robbed, and many of them were killed including young children,... Continue Reading →

Tears – a space for consolation

If I were to cry a sea Who shall hear? There is consolation in the stream Falling down my cheeks Where do they go? Those drippy drops of tears? Are You holding them? Have You counted them? Sighs With sighs I breath in between My lungs filling up with fresh crisp air Or old tales... Continue Reading →

To Be Known by God

I think that God instilled in all of our hearts yearnings. These yearnings are towards Him. But to stop the thought here would mean that we have limited God to the word “Him”. So who is God? What does it mean to have a yearning towards God? In one of his podcast series, the reposed... Continue Reading →

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