Mourning – a gate to reconnect

One of the hardest things that we can experience in life is separation from people whom we love. When we lose someone who has played a very important role in our lives, we mourn. Our connections with people are sometimes very difficult to explain in words. No doubt, there are biological and psychological basis behind... Continue Reading →


Picture perfect garbage cans

"There is nothing left. And there's no other help for us: only prayer can save us now." ~ Elder Paisios of Mount Athos We will call this: From the diaries of a struggling nomad. Picture perfect garbage cans, we are. Everything is OK - the voice claims. "I am doing great!" he says. "Thank God," she... Continue Reading →

Hollow Souls

Hollow souls Hollow and needy souls They were lied to, to their faces Walking sad With not a drop of hope Who to hope in and what for? Their riches are poor Their solid ground is shaky Believing the lies, they march on With no one to guide them, they march on Tell them there... Continue Reading →

Inflated egos

They strut around with their glass hearts. With wax on their faces, they filled the courtyard and uttered nonsense. Carrying nothing of value only deception, they forget the truth. Where is the humanity? *** M.G.

آلام و تعزية في البرية – القديس ابو نوفير السائح

جزء من لقاء القديس بفنوتيوس بالقديس أبو نفر السائح تذكار نياحة القديس العظيم أبو نفر السائح يوم ١٦ بؤونة الموافق ٢٣ يونيو القديس بفنوتيوس سأل - كم من آلام عانيتها يا أبي القديس في غربتك هذه - لابد أنك تعبت كثيراً في هذه البرية المقفرة؟ القديس نوفير قال له - نعم يا أخي الحبيب...كم من أتعاب... Continue Reading →

Silence – no resting place

If only silence can speak It could say and elaborate On the words I cannot say But silence is dim I find no hope there Yet words are sharp as swords A sword that cuts deep within Leaving us all wanting more. More life Maybe Love is different Maybe Love uses a different language He... Continue Reading →

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