Death, suffering, and injustice

“Death, suffering and injustice are mysteries to which there can be no ‘answers’. In such cases, truth is not expressed as an opinion or an argument, but offered as humility and shared suffering. The journey to the frontiers of life and death, of belief and unbelief, of miracles and injustice presents twists and hidden turns where the truth is ensured. If one resists the temptation to give in, then truth is encountered in ways one had never even conceived of. Embracing our suffering will give rise to newly-discovered sensitivities and will unfold realities which cannot otherwise be seen. The challenge is not the events and revelations themselves – these exist. The challenge is for us to open our eyes in order to be able to see them truly…

Certainly, pain and injustice cannot abolish God’s love. God exists. He is love and life; perfect love and the fullness of life. And the greatest miracle of His existence is that He co-exists with pain, injustice, and death.”

When God is Not There, pg. 83second edition

Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki

Alexander Press, 2014

In Arabic بالعربي


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