A Desert of Quicksand

A sadness the grips the heart
When right becomes wrong
Wrong becomes right
We tango with the wrong side
Then run for rescue

Rescue from whom?
Can we hope in man?
Can we hope in princes?
Can we hope in “I”?
Who is Hope and Love?

In times of desperation
We stand on quicksand
We run in place
Then again and again

When I see the agony and the pain
There is much to be felt
Much to be thought about
Nothing to say

In quicksand, there is nothing to do
It is a desert of desolation
Without water
No wells to be found

It is a dry and desolate place
The blind lead the blind
The ground is moving

If there is no Rock on which to stand,
We hope in man,
And where are we now?
In a Desert of Quicksand




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