Lost in nothingness

Everyone is lost
Lost in the abyss
The abyss of nothingness
The weak are tossed aside
The ailing are ignored

Many are the mirages of a god
We worship money
We worship fame
We worship power – Oh, how we do!
We worship gain
A whirlpool of busy work
An endless tunnel of vanities
What matters the most?
What matters the most to you, feeble human?
You run, go here and go there
You search and desire
Yet, you have such a lack
You lack peace
You lack joy
You lack love
Why is kindness second class?
Why is love so old-fashioned?
Why is faith such an ignorance?!

You speak of power over the other
As if it were your right!
Your fellow man is as free
As free as you and I
Lack of love runs this world
A world driven by fear and gain
Fear of man, don’t get me wrong
This isn’t fear of God
We have set man as our god
Yet, we gain to have insurance against man
What an ironic endless circle!
How do you worship but a mere human?
A dust going back to dust!
What a slavery this has become?
Don’t you know this is all going to rust?

Even you who believe…
How can I speak and not judge you?
I judge me
It is I who is the culprit
I am the hypocrite
I drove them out with my hardened heart
When I tossed aside the weak
When I ignored the ailing
When I prayed and my heart was low
My mind fixated on the Foe
I persecuted God with my lack of faith
With my lack of love, I stabbed Him
I put my hope in man, I crucified the Son of Man
They said, “love does not exist”
“truth is relative”
“there is no freedom”
“we are alone; we shall act accordingly”

Hope was lost
I was lost
They are lost
Lost in the abyss of nothingness




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