Be the fool and the reject

Be the fool in the her eyes; Be rejected from her allies; She is nothing but temporary; With an end much too scary; She is who?; She is the wild world in which we live! A desire that we strive for on a daily basis in our jobs, families, and communities at large is that... Continue Reading →


Silent Prayers (Cheers) of Mothers

A biological fact about life is that we all came from the wombs of our mothers. Yet, not everyone continues to have a relationship with their mom after they are born. Some lose their moms at an early age to death. Moms sometimes choose to leave their children. Some children choose to leave their moms... Continue Reading →

Mourning – a gate to reconnect

One of the hardest things that we can experience in life is separation from people whom we love. When we lose someone who has played a very important role in our lives, we mourn. Our connections with people are sometimes very difficult to explain in words. No doubt, there are biological and psychological basis behind... Continue Reading →

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