A roar and a door

The closer I got to the door, I realized It wasn’t an innocent whisper. It was a roar! It was a cry for help. It was.. And slowly faded into a deep silence. I shed one tear and left the doorstep. It was not meant to be. The culprit was named I They were in […]

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Lost in nothingness

Everyone is lost Lost in the abyss The abyss of nothingness The weak are tossed aside The ailing are ignored Many are the mirages of a god We worship money We worship fame We worship power – Oh, how we do! We worship gain A whirlpool of busy work An endless tunnel of vanities What […]

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With tears of joy You receive me. Like a loving father, you carry me. You reassure and comfort my soul. I surrender under Your control. You say, my daughter, be still. Be still and know that I am God. This time, my tears I hold. How long, O Lord? Yet, tears fall down my face. […]

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A Desert of Quicksand

A sadness the grips the heart When right becomes wrong Wrong becomes right We tango with the wrong side Then run for rescue Rescue from whom? Can we hope in man? Can we hope in princes? Can we hope in “I”? Who is Hope and Love? In times of desperation We stand on quicksand We […]

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Picture perfect garbage cans

“There is nothing left. And there’s no other help for us: only prayer can save us now.” ~ Elder Paisios of Mount Athos We will call this: From the diaries of a struggling nomad. Picture perfect garbage cans, we are. Everything is OK – the voice claims. “I am doing great!” he says. “Thank God,” she […]

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Inflated egos

They strut around with their glass hearts. With wax on their faces, they filled the courtyard and uttered nonsense. Carrying nothing of value only deception, they forget the truth. Where is the humanity? *** M.G.

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Silence – no resting place

If only silence can speak It could say and elaborate On the words I cannot say But silence is dim I find no hope there Yet words are sharp as swords A sword that cuts deep within Leaving us all wanting more. More life Maybe Love is different Maybe Love uses a different language He […]

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“…الموت والمعاناة والظلم”

الموت والمعاناة والظلم أسرار لايوجد لها إجابات. وفي مثل هذه الحالات، لا يعبر عن الحق برأي أو حجة، ولكنه يقدم كذبيحة من التواضع والمعاناة المشتركان معا. فالمسيرة إلى آقصي حدود الحياة والموت ، الإيمان وعدم الإيمان، المعجزات والظلم تقدم لفات وتغيرات خفية حيث بالتآكيد نجد الحق. وإذا كان أحد يستطيع ان يقاوم إغراء الاستسلام، سوف […]

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