Thank you Mother Mary J. Bee!

A fork long as the day Hits the ground right away It goes here and it goes there Collecting dirt and leaves so fair Dry and crumbling  Safe and sounding  There is a hidden dampness A nest lurking in hiding A swarm rich and fit It flies here and it flies there I stare and... Continue Reading →


Choice is…

Choice is responsibility Choice is a burden Choice is freedom Choice is salvation Choice is destruction Choice is expression Choice is confusion Choice is joy A guide directs choice but where is a guide when choice is the goal? *** M.G.

A roar and a door

The closer I got to the door, I realized It wasn't an innocent whisper. It was a roar! It was a cry for help. It was.. And slowly faded into a deep silence. I shed one tear and left the doorstep. It was not meant to be. The culprit was named I They were in... Continue Reading →

Silent Prayers (Cheers) of Mothers

A biological fact about life is that we all came from the wombs of our mothers. Yet, not everyone continues to have a relationship with their mom after they are born. Some lose their moms at an early age to death. Moms sometimes choose to leave their children. Some children choose to leave their moms... Continue Reading →

Lost in nothingness

Everyone is lost Lost in the abyss The abyss of nothingness The weak are tossed aside The ailing are ignored Many are the mirages of a god We worship money We worship fame We worship power - Oh, how we do! We worship gain A whirlpool of busy work An endless tunnel of vanities What... Continue Reading →

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