At times, to say that the truth hurts is an understatement. The truth pierces through the heart where it digs out the deeper lies engrained in our souls. The mind refuses to accept the truth with protest and anger until the lies are safely concealed again within the heart. With no end in sight, the cycle repeats until we wake up or die.


To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. When (not if) we are wrong, we learn from our mistakes then recreate. We must then not fear being wrong, because this is part of our growth and progress towards our goals. Living a creative life can mean exploring one’s own potential and realizing one’s gifts in order to “custom-make” a unique path of life to fit a person. One person’s life cannot be that of his/her neighbor, so a person needs to cultivate a spirit of unique creativity in their life.


Life’s an uphill climb that seems impossible at times, but trust in the Lord and He promised to carry you through. He even helps the smallest of creatures like this snail, so how much more will He help you?


Wake up everyday and carry your cross + & your whole day turns into a prayer.
It is Ok to cry and take short breaks!

.اصحي كل يوم وشيل صليبك + يبقي يومك كله اتحول لصلاة
!مسموح البكاء واستراحات قصيرة


God’s love is towards everyone, even those who hate Him. He does not differentiate between rich or poor, weak or strong, well-dressed or poorly dressed, sick or healthy, young or old, woman or man. We are to imitate Him and always ask Him to grant us love like His: a love that sees other humans as the image and likeness of Himself and not as worse or better than us in any way. Our tendencies will be to differentiate and categorize others, but maybe we need to strive to understand each other in order to bring out the best in one another and exhort one another to the good work we are to do in Christ.


We chase after the wind over the hills.
We fall and get hurt.
The next day, we do the same thing again.
A memory seems not enough.
For us to chase the One and only.


Genesis 28


1 John 4.jpg


To get to one’s destination, one has to make many detours, some are expected and some aren’t. One has to simply choose to keep going.


مش كل قرار في حياتك هيعجب الناس اللي حواليك بس لو انت صليت و عندك سلام حقيقي خد القرار و ماتخفش. و لكن راجع نفسك لو مفيش سلام و مفيش صلاة


A world without absolutes is a world without boundaries. Absolute Truth is not a man-made idea, but rather relativity is a man-made creation.


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